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Enterprise-wide communication can be a pain. Over and over again, one has to think up new important targets, to be fulfilled by the company as part of the mission statement, or to be fulfilled by a new department with specific targets. What a bore.

But it doesn't have to be! Here's bsgen, the tool that generates such messages for you, ready to copy-n-paste into company-wide e-mail memo's!

How it works? Here's a sample. Just click on 'again' to see another one.

To all our valued customers,

In out last town hall meeting, we told you the exciting news of the creation 
of Customer Satisfaction Initiative (CSI) Miami. Soon Customer Satisfaction 
Initiative (CSI) Miami will start excellence realization and process 
integration work, in order to:

- Leveraging consolidation and enablement of our global workforce
- Buy the competition and competing products
- Focusing on capitalization of project management best practices
- Realize strategic mergers that strengthen our market position

It is time to huddle Mbeki and give support in achiving these new goals!

But is it enterprisey enough? Can it be tailored to suit your specific needs? Sure can! Download your own copy of bsgen today, get the data file too, and start adding your own bs to the datafile! Before you know it, you'll be mailing bs to every hour!
Update: thanks EvR/BOFH for a new excellent datafile. This will most certainly leverage the enablement and empowerment of our global workforce and consolidate the position in the peer group of our key focus areas.